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You must be registered as a professional Seller with at least one active Amazon Europe account to use European Expansion Accelerator.
Everything you need to know about Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance
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What is European Expansion Accelerator (EEA)?

The European Expansion Accelerator is an automated expansion solution for our Sellers. You can use it to expand your Amazon business across Europe, for free, in less than 3 business days.

Get started in just
two clicks

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As an end-to-end expansion solution, the European Expansion Accelerator seamlessly creates your product listings, pricing, sets shipping settings & templates, and enrols your products into fulfilment programs in the stores you choose to expand to.
* You must be registered as a professional Seller with at least one active Amazon Europe account to use European Expansion Accelerator
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Why should I expand my business across Europe?

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Over the last decade alone (2010 to 2020), Amazon has invested more than €142 billion across the EU and the UK.

By expanding to European stores, Sellers across Europe can leverage Amazon’s wide regional scale, state-of-the-art logistics capabilities. And have their products seen by hundreds of millions of customers.

Who can use European Expansion Accelerator?

To access the European Expansion Accelerator, you have to be a professional Seller who sells in at least one Amazon Europe Store.

It’s free of charge and Sellers can use it anytime to expand.
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Save time
and resources
Your full expansion journey to a new Amazon store will be completed in less than three business days and completely free of charge.
Scale in
two clicks
No need to use multiple Seller Central tools. Our automated solution enables you to start scaling your business in just two clicks.
Maximise your business reach
Expand to one or all available Amazon stores, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Belgium.
Diversify your revenue stream
Verkopen in meerdere Europese Stores helpt bij het diversifiëren van je inkomstenstroom, waardoor je kunt profiteren van wisselende seizoenen voor feestdagen en verkooppieken.

Start your expansion journey

The European Expansion Accelerator makes it easier than ever to expand your business on Amazon.

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Accelerator in Seller Central

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Choose the stores to expand to

Selling in another country might trigger additional VAT obligations. Check out btw-diensten op Amazon, - an end-to-end tax compliance solution that will help you to manage your VAT compliance; from your VAT registration to the filings of your VAT returns.
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Review and accept the terms of
International selling agreements

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Click on the ‘Start expansion’

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Click here to get started.
That's all it takes.

176 miljoen

monthly unique visitors in the UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain *Source: SimilarWeb, December 2020


3rd party Sellers sold over $100K sales on Amazon European marketplaces in 2020


products sold per minute in Amazon European marketplaces
in 2020

Frequently asked questions

1. How are my prices set for expanded offers?
Amazon fulfilled offers are priced with the price rule of same price as the source store, adjusted for taxes and fees. Once enabled, prices automatically adjust to account for estimated fulfilment fees (based on the dimensions, enrolled fulfilment programme and estimated location of inventory), estimated VAT, custom adjustment and currency difference between the source and target stores. Seller-fulfilled offers are priced with the same price as the source store, adjusted for the exchange rate if applicable and VAT. Note: The Build International Listings tool adjusts prices periodically to reflect currency conversion fluctuations in the target stores’ currencies. The frequency of these updates might vary from daily to weekly. These updates will not show changes of less than 1%.
2. Welke btw-gevolgen heeft de Europese uitbreiding voor mijn bedrijf?
Selling in more than one European country is possible without high administrative burden of obtaining and managing up to 27 EU VAT registration numbers by opting in for Union One-Stop-Shop (OOS). When opting in for OSS, you will report all EU B2C Distance Sales through a single VAT return within your country of establishment, irrespective of the actual ship-from country. Note that this does not remove other obligations for obtaining a VAT registration number, such as holding inventory in other EU countries. Always consult with your accountant to understand what requirements may apply. For support, check out btw-diensten op Amazon, – an end-to-end tax compliance solution that helps you manage your VAT registrations, filings and returns.
3. How is my source store selected for expansion?
  • If you currently sell in only one store in Europe, that will serve as your source store.
  • If you are selling in multiple stores in Europe, we will select the one in which you have the most offers as your source store.
  • If you are selling in multiple stores in Europe and a connection in Build International Listings (BIL) tool exists, we will keep the defined source store from BIL.
4. How will my listings be translated?
All translations and creation of product detail pages in the target store will be attempted via Build International Listings (BIL) tool. Translations can be adjusted after the successful expansion to selected European stores.
5. What else do I need to do after clicking on "Start Expansion"?
For Amazon fulfilled listings, no further action is required. Listings in the target store will become active once the expansion process is complete.

For seller-fulfilled listings, created listings will be inactive and your account in target store will be set to holiday mode. You will be able to active your seller-fulfilled listings directly on the European Expansion Accelerator page after you review your account settings, listings and pricing, and shipping settings and templates in the target store.

Helpful resources

De Europese uitbreidingsacceleratormaakt het eenvoudiger dan ooit om je bedrijf op Amazon uit te breiden.
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